Making Midtown Atlanta a better place through mobile technology and innovation

Wouldn't it be great if you had easy-to-use apps to make Midtown Atlanta an even better place to live, work, and play?  Hey, why not build them and win some sweet prizes at the same time?  

The Midtown Buzz Mobile Hackathon is your chance to build cool apps and compete to win a free stay at the newly renovated Hyatt Midtown, gift certificates to amazing Midtown restaurants, and other goodies. Three prize categories await you:

  1. Wayfinder - enhance the visitor experience in Midtown as they live, work and play? What are some cool local sites, shops, tours, and other things that make Midtown unique?
  2. Transportation - make it easeir to travel around Midtown by foot, bike, or automobile. Where are the bike racks?  What is my easiest route through the MARTA stations? What are my parking options?
  3. Wildcard - propose your own idea or grab some from the idea bank.

Midtown Alliance, Georgia Tech's Institute for People and Technology, and Hypepotamus are proud to announce the Midtown Buzz Mobile Hackathon, the latest in their collaborative initiative to expand and strengthen Midtown's flourishing Innovation District.

The Midtown Buzz Mobile Hackathon is the launch event of a six-month initiative to build connected mobile applications to improve and enhance the Midtown experience. All the teams participating (and new teams who emerge along the way) will have the chance to continue their work after the launch hackathon to vie for an even bigger prizes to be awarded in January to those who successfully release their apps to the market.  

Join us for the September 13-14 Midtown Buzz Mobile Hackathon and help build the future of Midtown one app at a time.


Community Partners:

  • Govathon
  • Invest Atlanta
  • Midtown Alliance Innovation Council
  • Better ATL Project
  • Random Hacks of Kindness - Atlanta


Data Sources:

All kinds of data from Midtown (wayfinding, transporation, etc.)

Soket API (event calendar system)

Midtown Alliance logos & design files:




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Anyone who comes out to the Midtown Buzz Mobile Hackathon.


All projects must be completed and submitted either this platform or in person to Hypepotamus by Saturday, September 14 at 5pm.

Submissions must not contain any matter which in the sole discretion of the Sponsor or Judges is deemed to adversely affect the public image or reputation of iPat, Midtown Alliance, or Hypepotamus or those affiliated with this hackathon. Such submissions will not be accepted and will be disqualified.

How to enter

All paritcipants must be registered for the event and adhere to hackathon rules to be eligible to enter. See official rules.


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Shannon Powell
COO/Midtown Alliance

Roger Mahler

Roger Mahler
AT&T Foundry

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Russ Clark
Georgia Tech IPaT

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity and uniqueness
    How creative and unique is the solution.
  • Design and usability
    How usable is what was created and how well is it designed.
  • Midtown 'Voices' authenticity
    How well the application generates ‘authentic Midtown voices’
  • Engagement
    How well the application encourages local participation, e.g. through contributions, curation, group identification, reputation building, etc.
  • When in Midtown
    How well the application provides the user with a ‘feel like a local - insiders view’ of Midtown.
  • Community Building
    How well the application enables or encourages Midtown ‘community building’.
  • Meet the need
    How well the application addresses specific needs of the Midtown community members – either individually or collectively.